Land and Development


We are experts in Land, Planning and Development. Whether developing property on our own behalf, advising clients or working with partners, a major strength of the Great Properties Group is in the collective experience and know-how of our companies.

By working with the Great Properties you benefit from our significant knowledge and contacts in the land markets of the Midlands. We play a major role in all stages of the development process and are thus able to offer stakeholders unique advice on planning and design, scheme optimisation, value engineering and opportunities to acquire development property and maximise returns.

We are land buying and acquisitions experts

We can help you with acquisitions, planning, development consultancy and development management – Great Properties has acquired and advised on over 500,000 sq/ft of residential and mixed-use development space.

 We work with…

Land owners, national housebuilders and commercial operators, small and medium-sized developers, funders, occupiers, community organisations, investors and funders.

We are expert at securing off-market opportunities and formulating optimal proposals to win bids and openly tendered sites.

Successful development is achieved when the right land is acquired on the best terms.

Whether acting for developers, occupiers or landowners, the service we provide to our clients is designed to extract best value by means of detailed market research, advice on optimum values and mix of uses, unit types, sizes and mix, cost control and value engineering to enhance each opportunity to its maximum potential, profitability and land / end-use value.

If you are a landowner we can ensure you generate best value by providing indicative schemes or helping you win the most valuable planning permission.Key areas evaluated during either off-market, tendered or land-sale situations include:

Market Study and Research

We identify the optimum development approach in light of market-driven supply, demand and financial viability. We carry out detailed price and supply / demand analysis in relation to both existing competition and future projects. We establish market trends in location, price, unit sizes, living environment, ancillary facilities and property management.

Development Consultancy and Strategic Planning

We determine the optimum approach for the development of the proposed scheme, review the characteristics of the site and identify key opportunities and constraints. In addition, having established any potential competition to the scheme, we identify ways to differentiate the project.

Our planning teams are always on hand to ensure that we have a detailed strategy to gain the most valuable planning permission in the quickest time possible.

We can be retained to help fulfil your land or property requirements

Often we acquire development opportunities on behalf of clients who retain our services to introduce suitable properties and land.

We have a network of trusted contacts and associates and are able to offer our clients excellent access to off-market and targeted opportunities to suit their requirements.

Given our unique position we are also able to make available advice and development expertise to help make workable opportunities that might at first seem unviable.

Land Agency

We are ideally positioned to help sell all types of development sites throughout our core areas of operation in The Midlands. Our focus is on driving value, viability and delivery for a complete cross section of clients and maximising the value of every development opportunity.

We frequently do this on behalf of our developer clients when they bid for land on the open market, which means we know exactly what it is that will generate the greatest price for your land.

And because we are not a residential sales agent, we never have an ulterior motive for recommending any particular purchaser other than the one that will give you the best deal.

We are also expert in helping you negotiate the best commercial terms for options, conditional contracts or joint ventures.

Access to off-market opportunities

We are expert in sourcing off-market development prospects for retained clients. Highly advantageous investment and development opportunities generally arise off-market where they are neither advertised nor directly accessible to individuals. We are happy to enter into exclusive agreements with clients and developers to ensure they have privileged access to the best off-market opportunities.

Affordable Housing expertise

With affordable housing playing a significant role in the development market, this is a key area for clients to understand in order to adequately assess the implications on planning and land values.

We have access to both in-house and external experts and can provide valuable advice in this area.

We offer development advice and can act from the initial identification and inception of a project through to delivery

Some of our main areas of development expertise include:

  • Identifying development opportunities
  • Site appraisal and development appraisal
  • Scheme layout, mix, density and design advice
  • Bid and tender management
  • Affordable housing consultancy
  • Development viability and toolkit assessments
  • S106 and CIL Negotiations

Full Service Consultancy

We offer you a consultancy service capable of covering every aspect of development, giving a start-to-finish service. We offer tailor-made solutions to suit both developers and landowners’ specific requirements and to maximise the potential of their assets. We add value by assessing and improving viability along with identifying and removing commercial risk at all stages.

You can benefit from our own bespoke design and appraisal programme that maximises development value for our clients. This system allows us to tailor our analysis to the individual client’s needs and objectives.

We provide advice on the design, procurement and construction of projects. Additionally, we provide sales and marketing research and advice on disposal and exit options.

What else we can do for you

We offer expertise at all stages of the development process and can provide an integrated service from site acquisition to the final sale of individual units or the sale or letting of commercial space.

Our other services include…

We generate innovative and investment-led sales strategies. We will be able to offer expertise at all stages of the development process and provide an integrated service from site acquisition to final sales of individual units.

Our underlying objective is to achieve maximum value for the developer’s site or building. To this end, our comprehensive service involves the management and co-ordination of all the key areas of the development process:

  • Site and opportunity identification and feasibility testing
  • Market evaluation and purchaser profiling
  • Identification of comparable schemes and values
  • Assistance with development, land and option agreements
  • Creation of overall development strategies including tactical advice
  • Client project team selection, briefing and management
  • Optimising design, layout, specification and providing product mix advice
  • Providing environmental, infrastructure and sustainability advice
  • Assisting in determining planning strategy
  • Construction and programme advice
  • Procurement strategies reviewed and negotiation of contracts to ensure best value
  • Development budget and cost control
  • Sales, marketing and letting strategies
  • On-going development appraisal and viability analysis
  • Evolving estate structures and management strategies
  • Overall project management of the development and construction process
  • Risk analysis and elimination at key stages of the project

Where else we add value…

  • Recommendation of the appropriate professional team to gain best results and deliver value for money whilst advising on the correct internal and external design to create interest from end users
  • Providing detailed research on micro residential and commercial markets in order to pursue a clear pipeline of revenue generation

As part of our due diligence we will also…

  • Advise on unit mix and sizes to maximise demand and revenue
  • Review layout and concepts and compile a complete checklist on the appropriateness of the scheme for the prevailing market conditions
  • Study various target markets, both on sale and rental level, thereby providing a clear picture of a future target market
  • Attend client project meetings from inception through to completion in order to brief the client’s professional team on changing trends and markets, and ensure an appropriate product is delivered to the sales market
  • Provide up-to-date detailed research on sales rates achieved in the locality, monitor future supply pipeline and concept on demand and supply in the local area

Planning is About Creating Value

Over the last decade we have established an exemplary track record, working in partnership with our clients and professional partners to successfully tackle the most challenging and complex planning issues.

Millbank Land advises on the full spectrum of planning matters, focusing on our core geographical areas of the London boroughs and the South East. As a result of this targeted focus we have the most up-to-date knowledge of how changing and emerging policies are being applied locally. Our no-nonsense yet honest approach results in good relationships with planners, local politicians and interest groups where we operate.

Given the recent enactment of the Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) this approach and a focus on negotiation and inclusion is now more important than ever.

Whether trying to unlock value through attaining, renewing or improving planning permissions, protecting existing asset values or negotiating with the local authority on policy matters, our objective is to meet clients’ needs through clear analysis of the issues, identification of opportunities, and the creation and implementation of practical and innovative solutions.

Add value by drawing upon our wider development experience in areas including:

  • Pre-purchase planning audits and development strategies
  • Planning applications and negotiations
  • Community engagement
  • Affordable housing consultancy – development viability and toolkit assessments
  • Sustainability appraisals
  • Renewing and improving existing planning permissions
  • Negotiating and renegotiating S106 agreements and CIL

Our Planning Consultancy Services

Planning is becoming increasingly political and technical. We aim to assist clients and other members of their advisory team by providing strategic and tactical advice founded on knowledge and experience. We lead our clients through the complexities of the town planning system whilst delivering profitable, environment-enhancing and sustainable development projects. We tailor our solutions to each client’s needs and provide a cost effective and responsive approach to instructions.

We deal with all aspects of the planning process and along with our particular areas of expertise listed above, our core planning consultancy services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Planning appeals and public inquiries
  • Compulsory purchase advice
  • Enforcement action and certificates of lawful use
  • Listed buildings and conservation areas
  • Local planning and policy representations
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Economic assessments

Localism and Sustainability – Additional Services

The Localism Act and the NPPF have transformed the way in which developers and landowners engage with communities. The government is keen to encourage engagement rather than tick-box consultation. Listening rather than just talking is now essential to secure planning permission.

This a specialist area and we work in close collaboration with expert external consultants who have been carefully chosen to help us provide a co-ordinated approach. If you want to understand localism and get practical advice on gaining planning consent, we can help.

Similarly, environmental and sustainability considerations significantly impact planning and design. Negotiating complex regulations can be time-consuming and very expensive. A thorough appreciation of these issues is therefore essential.

We work closely with industry experts to embrace the objectives of sustainability whilst conforming to relevant policies in the most straightforward and value enhancing way possible.

The importance of community engagement, environmental protection and sustainability is well understood and expertise in these areas is directly available to our clients.

We recognise that every client has unique needs and every property is different.

Applying high-level expertise  based on established land and development experience enables development projects to run smoothly through the planning system.

Clients’ interests are looked after throughout the planning process with an experienced but open mind, whilst always making contributions to enhance their property interests.

Our planning consultancy advice is tailor made for each client, reflecting individual needs and priorities in the development of land and property assets.