Investing With Us

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Why Great Properties

You want to be involved in providing high standard, places for people to live and work from shared accommodation in the Midlands and the surrounding areas, for working professionals and students to optimising land and development opportunities.

Fantastic Returns

We offer secure, fixed rate returns if you invest with us in our projects compliant with the FCA’s PS13/3 rules regarding investments. Alternatively you may be seeking a high yielding investment for yourself if you want to receive higher returns than banks, pensions, bonds & the stock market, or just want a safe & secure investment, as they say, there is nothing more safe than houses.


Our highest priority, is your peace of mind and that your investment is secure. We make sure you understand every part of the process, all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Our strict due diligence process ensures we make the right investment decision for all, so you can feel comfortable with every decision you make.

Passive Income

Looking for an additional passive income to be set up quickly, without hassle or spending time? When investing with Great Properties you can sit back and enjoy the safe, attractive returns we provide.

Land and Development

Are you a land or site owner and not quite sure how to maximise its value, secure planning, develop out. Our team of experts can offer various options, from consultancy to joint venture, purchase to profit share. Every project is unique and our solutions our based firstly around your needs.

Enjoy the Journey

Do you want to do business with like-minded individuals who are easy to work with and make business a pleasure? Whether you are looking for set returns, joint ventures or to become a shareholder, we work with selective individuals who share this ethos

Personal Touch

Great Properties provide a personal service to our investors. You are at the core of any project we undertake, this is not a property business but a business built around people. You may be an inexperienced investor or a high net worth individual, our team are here to assist you with the choices you make.


Simple… we like to keep things simple, from our processes to our agreements and terms. No jargon that nobody can understand, we keep it straight forward.